Thursday, November 9, 2006


Here are some details about my job: From November until February, I will be working as a research assistant in an area of Antarctica called the Dry Valleys. My job is part of a Long Term Ecological Research project, with the broad aim of collecting the same data for many years in a row in order to get a clear picture of how climate change is happening. As part of the “Stream Team,” I will be studying 19 streams in the Dry Valleys, collecting data on water quality and stream flow that can then be compared to the same data collected in years past. There are two other stream team members, Lee (a PhD student that will also be collecting her own data on stream algae) and Ray (a United States Geological Survey hydrologist that will help with technical stuff). In this forum, I will talk about everything from penguins, to life in Antarctica, to how to properly measure stream flow. Please ask me any questions you may have and depending on how busy we are, I will be able to post a reply soon.


naturegirl said...

Who was the USGS person? Are they from the Reston "ice" team?

Emily said...

Ray is actually the field team coordinater for the Wyoming USGS office. Our program seems to be partnered with them, and every season at least one guy from the WY USGS comes down.